Warm Azure Ocean
beach near ocean

The Kenya coast is littered with white sandy beach lined with palm trees, warm sea, aquamarine life, coral reef, golden sandy dunes making a haven for the perfect holiday.
The Kenya coast is also rich in history, dating back over one thousand years optimized by the Vasco da Gama pillars and Fort Jesus. Kenya Coast offer same of East African`s most idyllic tropical gateways. Watamu has good option for a beach break and mixture of culture of Malind and fishing villages. Stretching further to Lamu Archipelago best Kenya beaches where empty pristine beaches stretch for miles and you can enjoy the laid back bare foot luxury that make Kenya such attractive beach destination and the perfect complement for safari goes.
“Allure of natural beauty”
Warm Azure Ocean, swaying coconut palms on white sandy beaches are to be found in the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve. The park lies between the Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks and its blue waters are ideal for wind surfing, water skiing, snorkelling and diving. They also provide a home to a colourful variety of marine species including crabs, starfish, stone fish, cucumbers sea urchins, corals, turtles, sea grasses and interesting migratory birds including crab plovers.

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