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Get married

Getting married on Zanzibar is becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s because of the warm azure water and the white powder beaches, or maybe it’s because of the guaranteed sunshine and the famous Zanzibari hospitality, or maybe it’s because you can hire your own private island for you and your party or take exclusive use of an entire resort; with so many good reasons to get married on Zanzibar it’s hard to pick one. Whatever you’re looking for talk to us and we can make it happen.
Explore Stone Town
Stone Town is a World Heritage site and is the most atmospheric and vibrant of all the remaining traditional Swahili settlements. Architecturally it’s a fusion of African and Arab influences not dissimilar to the medinas of Morocco with its narrow streets, twists and turns. Culturally modern Stone Town is a lively melting pot that embraces visitors and manages to offer a selection of fine dining and curious attractions without compromising its old world charm. Consider one or two nights depending on your preferences. We would recommend the Zanzibar Palace or The Swahili House.

Jozani Forest

The Jozani Forest Reserve is located about 35 kilometers southeast of Stone Town. Like most of western part of Tanzania mainland, Zanzibar is the home of primates no wild cats. With its variety of vegetation the forest accommodates the rare Red colobus monkey, which is endemic to the Island, bush babies, bush pigs and small buck. Majority of these primates are social and can be sight at a close range.
The Palace Museum is a large white building that was formerly the official residence of the Sultan of Zanzibar. The first Sultan to rule the Island was from Oman (Said Sayyed) within the house is old unrefined Sultans’ furniture and other possessions that survived the renovation. The National Museum (Beit el Amani) is a small building with a lovely garden. It includes sections on slavery, palaces, mosques, cloves oil, production, traditional crafts and household items.

Dive the Mnemba Atoll

Mnemba Island is an atoll set just off the northeast coast near Matemwe. Diving at Mnemba is stunning, on the inside it’s like being in a giant aquarium and the outside offers excellent wall and drift dives. The island itself is a breeding ground for turtles and they are often seen gliding by along with dolphins, huge schools of fish, whale sharks and humpbacks when in season.

Spice Tour
For those interested in culture and history, no trip to Zanzibar would be complete without a tour of a traditional spice farm. Over the years Zanzibar has been one of the largest exporters of cloves and other spices and has been used as a welcome stop over for the many merchants exploiting the trade winds on route to India.

The Anglican Cathedral
It’s the first Cathedral in East Africa been built in 1870s by the Universities Mission to Central Africa. To date the service are still held on each Sunday. Along the same place one can visit the slave chambers where the slaves were kept before shipped to the Arab and Europe.

Swim with Wild Dolphins
Zanzibar offers a unique opportunity to track and swim with one of the oceans most captivating creatures. This is a truly magical experience that will stay with you forever. Each morning the local pod of dolphins wake from their overnight spot in Menai Bay and prepare themselves for the day ahead, playing with the tourists is just part of their morning routine.

The safari blue excursion offers full day sailing around mangroves and snorkeling along some of the best coral reefs Zanzibar has to offer followed by the best seafood barbeque you will ever have and an exotic fruit tasting session. This trip can be done from anywhere although it departs from Fumba in the south west. If you would prefer a less structured day then head to Matemwe. The snorkelling around the world famous Mnemba Island is amazing.

Prison Island
It is wood boat trip to one of Zanzibar shore islet. It’s a most popular Island where visitors often go for relaxing. The island has a large number of giant tortoises and was imported from Seychelles in 19th century. The prison ruins, coral rag forest trail and also beautiful peacocks. It has also beautiful coral reef ideal for snorkelling and lovely white sand for sun bathing.

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