Who are we?

We are a top rated luxury East African tour operator with wide range of offers, wildlife Encounter Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania , Day excursions, Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda, Mount Kilimanjaro trekking & tailor made tours since 2005. Africa is our home and wants to invite you in.
We specialize in the art of luxury African tours. For us, luxury isn’t just about the number of stars above your name, but is about breathtaking sights, rare and authentic experiences, fine local cuisine, cultural interactions, and beautiful spaces to rest your head at the end of the day. True luxury comes from making memories that you will savor forevermore.

Picture this

Imagine the first time you hear a lion roar in the dark of night, the first time you witness a thousand hooves galloping across the golden Savanah of Serengeti, the first time you see the Giant Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, the first hot air balloon ride over the patchwork plains of Masai Mara, and the first time to glimpse sight of the snow clad spirit of Mount Kilimanjaro. An African safari is full of firsts, and with Summer Break Vacations Tours and Safaris we can show you the splendor of this rare and unbridled world.
We live and breathe Africa, because we are part of Africa. From romantic beach breaks on the spice laden shores of Zanzibar and Mombasa to witnessing nature’s great events, camel riding through ancient tribal villages, and camping beneath a blanket of stars in the Great Rift Valley – we don’t just plan safaris; we curate journeys brimming with one of a kind experiences.

Whatever your whim or pleasure, we will take the time to listen and plan your perfect journey. Your tour tailored down to the finest detail around your preference and expectations. The careful design an individual tour to match, fit your travel budget and with an absolute commitment to quality to make your visit unforgettable. We have genuine expertise for each and every one of our destinations, Our safari specialist will design your trip around you, you the best highlight in a different light and introduce you to places and experience that others might miss.
Truly the relentless pursuit of exhilarating safaris..