6 Days Serengeti Migration

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Unveiling Tanzania’s Wonders: A Wildlife Safari Adventure with 6 Days Serengeti Migration.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Tanzania, witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration and exploring diverse landscapes teeming with captivating wildlife.

Unveiling the Beauty:

  • Depart from Ngorongoro and embark on a scenic drive towards Lake Manyara National Park. Observe diverse landscapes and a captivating array of wildlife on an afternoon game drive. Spot tree-climbing lions, hippos, elephants, and playful monkeys amidst the lush green foliage. Enjoy a picnic lunch and continue the game drive, maximizing your chances of encountering wildlife before settling into your comfortable accommodation.

Witnessing the Majesty:

  • Rise early and depart towards the Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Embark on morning and afternoon game drives across the vast savannas, witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration (if you’re visiting during the right season) or diverse resident wildlife populations. Enjoy picnic lunches, searching for predators like lions and cheetahs, and observing diverse herbivores like zebras and giraffes. Relax and enjoy dinners and overnight stays within the Serengeti.

Exploring the Depths:

  • Embark on exciting game drives in the Serengeti National Park, exploring different areas and witnessing the vastness of the ecosystem. Encounter large predators, witness fascinating social interactions of elephants and baboons, and enjoy picnic lunches surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Descending into the Crater:

  • Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and embark on a game drive witnessing a breathtaking concentration of animals roaming freely within the crater walls. Observe the “Big Five” alongside zebras, wildebeest, and numerous other creatures. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the hippo pool and continue the game drive, soaking in the breathtaking views. Ascend from the crater and return to your lodge near the rim.

Ngorongoro Crater Rim and Beyond:

  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast overlooking the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater. Depending on your itinerary, you might have a morning game drive along the rim. In the afternoon, depart for Tarangire National Park.

Farewell to the Wilds:

  • Rise early and depart for Tarangire National Park, renowned for its large elephant herds and diverse wildlife populations. Embark on a morning game drive, observing the vast savannas teeming with wildlife. Spot majestic elephants, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, and a variety of birds. Enjoy a picnic lunch and continue the afternoon game drive, searching for wildlife before concluding your unforgettable safari adventure.

Optional Activities:

  • Gain insights into the Maasai people’s traditions by visiting a village near Lake Manyara or Tarangire National Park. (additional cost may apply)
  • Embark on a thrilling hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti National Park or the Ngorongoro Crater at sunrise for a unique aerial perspective. (additional cost may apply)

Planning Your 6 Days Serengeti Migration Tanzania Safari:

  • Choose the season: Dry season (June-October) offers the best opportunities for wildlife viewing, with clear skies and sparse vegetation. However, the wet season (November-May) boasts lush landscapes and fewer crowds.
  • Obtain necessary visas and permits for Tanzania before your trip.
  • Select your accommodation from comfortable lodges or tented camps, catering to diverse budgets and preferences.
  • Pack comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, sturdy shoes for game drives, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, and a camera to capture your memories.

6 Days Serengeti Migration. Ngorongoro Crater Floor, Ngorongoro Crater Rim, Serengeti National Park, Twiga Campsite – Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park Safari From Ngorongoro.

ATTRACTIONS Ngorongoro Crater Floor, Ngorongoro Crater Rim, Serengeti National Park, Twiga Campsite – Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

6 Days Serengeti Migration Safari From Ngorongoro to Ngorongoro Crater Floor, Ngorongoro Crater Rim, Serengeti National Park, Twiga Campsite – Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park Price

INCLUDED Park fees, government fees & taxes inclusive of 16% VATThree meals a day while on Safari.
One-night Hotel accommodation in Moshi/Arusha
 Professional English speaking Safari Guide/Driver.Transportation in mini-coach
 Guaranteed departures for two or more passengers booking this safari.
Transport in 4X4 Toyota Land Cruisers
Pre–tour itinerary document.
Extensive Game drives.
NOT INCLUDED Personal expense such as communication charges like emails, faxes, and phone callsInstructor, guide, driver gratuity


Drinks like sodas, water, beer and wines

Visa Fees

Safari From Ngorongoro to Ngorongoro Crater Floor, Ngorongoro Crater Rim, Serengeti National Park, Twiga Campsite – Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park Itinerary

Day 1: Arusha – Tarangire National Park

Distance: 120 Km

Tour starts from the Office in Arusha after pick up from your hotel at agreed time.

Destination: Drive to Tarangire National Park (2,850 sq km) for full day game drive. Herds of up to 300 elephants scratch the dry river bed for underground streams during the dry season, while migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland crowd the shrinking lagoons. It’s the greatest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem “a smorgasbord for predators”, and the one place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as the stately fringe-eared Oryx and peculiar long-necked Gerenuk are regularly observed. More ardent bird-lovers might keep an eye open for screeching flocks of the dazzlingly colorful yellow-collared lovebirds, and the somewhat drabber Rufus-tailed weaver and ashy starling – all endemic to the dry Savannah of north-central Tanzania. Dinner and overnight at Twiga Campsite.

Day 2: Twiga Campsite – Lake Manyara National Park – Twiga Campsite

Wake up & have breakfast at agreed time. Distance: 5 Km

Destination: Drive to Lake Manyara National Park (330 sq km) on the base of the Great Rift Valley, for a full day game drive. Stretching for 50 km along the base of the rusty-gold 600-meter high Rift Valley escarpment, Lake Manyara is a scenic gem, with a setting extolled by Ernest Hemingway as “the loveliest I had seen in Africa”. From the entrance gate, the road winds through an expanse of lush jungle-like groundwater forest where hundred-strong baboon troops lounge nonchalantly along the roadside, blue monkeys scamper nimbly between the ancient mahogany trees, dainty bush buck tread warily through the shadows, and out sized forest horn bills honk cacophonously in the high canopy. Manyara provides the perfect introduction to Tanzania’s bird life. Dinner Overnight at Twiga Campsite.

Day 3: Twiga Campsite – Serengeti National Park – Lobo Campsite

Wake up & have breakfast at agreed time. Distance: 205 Km

Destination: Drive to Serengeti National Park (14,763 sq km) for a game drive via Ngorongoro Crater rim. Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national park, also a world heritage site, the Serengeti is famed for its annual migration, when some six million hooves pound the open plains, as more than 200,000 zebra and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle join the wildebeest’s trek for fresh grazing. Yet even when the migration is quiet, the Serengeti offers arguably the most scintillating game-viewing in Africa. The spectacle of predator versus prey dominates Tanzania’s greatest park. Golden-manned lion prides feast on the abundance of plain grazers. Solitary leopards haunt the acacia trees lining the Seronera River, while a high density of cheetahs prowls the southeastern plains. Dinner and Overnight at Seronera or Lobo Campsite.

Day 4: Full Day Serengeti National Park

Very early morning game drive. Breakfast at the campsite around 0900am. Continues with both morning and afternoon game drives in Serengeti national Park. As enduring as the game-viewing is the liberating sense of space that characterizes the Serengeti Plains, stretching across sun burnt Savannah to a shimmering golden horizon at the end of the earth. Yet, after the rains, this golden expanse of grass is transformed into an endless green carpet flecked with wildflowers. And there are also wooded hills and towering termite mounds, rivers lined with fig trees and acacia woodland stained orange by dust. Popular the Serengeti might be, but it remains so vast that you may be the only human audience when a pride of lions masterminds a siege, focused unswerving on its next meal. Dinner and Overnight at Lobo Campsite.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Crater Rim

Distance: 145 Km

Wake up for early morning game drive at agreed time and later drive back to campsite for brunch and continue with game drive en route to Ngorongoro Crater Rim.

Destination: Continue with game drives in the Serengeti en route to Ngorongoro Crater Rim where you will spend the night. On the way, (visit optional) you can pass by the Olduvai Gorge where the English pair, Louis and Mary Leaky pioneered excavation work. In the sixties some of the earliest archaeological deposits of human evolution were found and a small museum documents these discoveries. Also you can choose to visit the shifting sands when you have time. Overnight at Simba “A” campsite.

Day 6: Simba A Campsite – Ngorongoro Crater Floor – Arusha

Wake up & have breakfast at agreed time. Distance: 10 Km

Destination: Drive to Ngorongoro Crater (19.2 km of diameter, 610m deep, 304 sq km) where you will descend into the crater floor for a full day game drive. Ngorongoro Crater is often called ‘Africa’s Garden of Eden’ the ‘8th Natural Wonder of the World’. This breathtaking oasis provides a haven for both predator and prey to live among grasslands, fresh springs and the large soda lake. All the Big five Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Elephant live in this wonderful caldera, and many more mammals. Birds includes flamingos on the Soda lake, Geese, Storks, Vultures and more. Nowhere else can such a diversity in wildlife be experienced in such a short period of time. After game drive, drive back to Arusha on a tarmac road. Driver to Kilimanjaro Airport for the Drop off before 0500pm for your flight home/Zanzibar.


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