Why Us

We have been organazing tours since 2005 and we know how to create a special holiday rather than standard packaged tours. Great holidays need inspirational ideas,exceptional destinations,expert advice and good planning.
There is an art to traveling well, and we feel strongly that individually designed journeys tailored to suit your interests, style, and budget are the best way to experience the spectacular destinations we offer. Each journey should be a unique adventure and you should have a hand in the planning. At the same time it is important to have peace of mind, and by booking with a licensed travel agent you have the protection and security that offers.

Summer break vacations Tours & Safaris focuses on providing personal services to its travelling guest. We give our clients personalized care and attention to make their Journey an Awesome one. We advise & make reservations on behalf of our Clients to provide a sense of trust and loyalty.

Kenya is an extremely beautiful country with a diverse culture, incredible landscapes, and unique wildlife. Our duty as a tour operator is to explore all the magnificent creatures of nature with you.